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// CEO's Message //

Global Precious Metal Sarl is a gold dore bars direct seller

We source gold from village local miners whom I am their representative , We are looking for potential gold buyer to connect with community miners in various gold mining villages in Mali. It is on record that Mali is Africa third largest gold producing country. Though, most of the communities land has been sold to giant gold mining companies like AngloGold, IAM Gold, Resolute Mining and many others.

Nevertheless, other communities can produce small quantity of gold by weekly and individually. I took it to my self to create group of communities where villages came together to form Associate of Group of Gold Miners. This helps the communities to be able to gather reasonable quantities of gold per week, " which each can produce up to 10 kilograms of gold weekly " where as together collectivity they can produce 100-200 kilograms of gold monthly.

To speed up large quantity of gold monthly, our association of miners are looking for ultra modern gold mining equipments, solar panels and kits, food items such as Rice, Wheat Flour, Sugar to keep workers feeding well, and we are ready to exchange with gold quantity according to invoice price of the items.

We are looking any interested and serious buyer/supplier to engage in monthly supply contract for sales of Gold bars,

We are open for discussion and negotiation with interested and serious buyer/supplier for our mutual benefits.

5 Years


// About Us //

Global Precious Metal Sarl Is The Best Place For You

Exceptional gold mining and trading company . If you are looking forward to invest in gold business in Africa in general and Mali in particular, Global Precious Metal Sarl is is your perfect partner.

Gold Dust Powder
Both natural and the ones resulting from refining processes
Gold Bars
Gold Dore Bars are rough gold typically about 80 percent pure gold
Gold Grams
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