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Global Precious Metal is a gold dore bars direct seller

We source gold from village local miners whom I am their representative , We are looking for potential gold buyer to connect with community miners in various gold mining villages in Mali. It is on record that Mali is Africa third largest gold producing country. Though, most of the communities land has been sold to giant gold mining companies like AngloGold, IAM Gold, Resolute Mining and many others.

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15 Years


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Global Precious Metal Is The Best Place For You

Exceptional gold mining and trading company . If you are looking forward to invest in gold business in Africa in general and Mali in particular, Global Precious Metal is is your perfect partner.

Gold Dust Powder
Both natural and the ones resulting from refining processes
Gold Bars
Gold Dore Bars are rough gold typically about 80 percent pure gold
Gold Grams
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We Mining Gold

We mine gold in all forms and also refine them to various quality levels depending services on current demands and contracts. Our gold products include Gold Nuggets, Gold Dore Bars, Gold Bars and Gold Dust.

Gold Nuggets

Gold Dore Bars

Gold Bars

Making Sure that you are Satisfied

This is one of the areas where we truly stand out. We believe that retaining customers and making repeat businesses tremendously cuts down on advertising and publicity cost while enabling us maintain high credibility. That is why transactions don't just end with a sale but we proceed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Quality Servicing

Expert Workers

Modern Equipment

We Trade Gold

All the gold we mine are either sold directly or taken to our refineries where they are refined before selling. We also sell gold forms that are acquired as a result of refinery left-overs such as gold dust. We are a duly registered gold mining company.

We can help you acquire a exit Buyer's Permit and order gold from our company.

15 Years Of Experience In Auto Servicing

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Quality Servicing

Expert Workers

Modern Equipment

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Are you looking to buy gold from Africa, but having trouble finding the right place to purchase it?

Our team is dedicated to customers looking for worry-free purchases - from inquiries to pricing and payment, and even documentation/permits - our sales professionals take care of it all. What's more, we provide after-sale service once the deal is closed. So if you're ready to buy gold for yourself, your company, or another client, don't hesitate to contact us!

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